Radium, Kansas

One of our favorite Ice Bucket Challenges so far …

Hello everyone,

Last week friends and I took a road trip and went to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan, Oklahoma. This museum’s focus is the Chisholm cattle trail which ran nearby on its way up to the railhead in Abilene, KS. The museum features various displays (a chuck wagon, e.g.). I’ve attached pictures of a few of the sculptures; a small gallery of paintings was also available for viewing. The most fun, however, was a short movie describing a cattle drive that had special effects along with it. You felt the stampede as the seats shook and actually got a little wet during the thunderstorm. It was filmed at several different ranches in Oklahoma and was very well produced. Lunch at a tea room and antique shopping completed our day.

Naomi Miller Culbreath

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This week, before the rush back to school, the grand-kids Arlyn, Audrey & Jessica) and I enjoyed a day trip to KC. After a stop on the turnpike for the mandatory Dunkin Donut, we headed for KC City Market area where we visited the Steamboat Arabia museum. In 1856, the steamboat sank in the Missouri River after a tree floating in the river slammed into the boat. The museum tells the fascinating story of how more than a century later, the boat was found in a corn field over a half mile away from the river and the amazing work that went into the recovery. The museum houses tons of preserved items found on the boat. I felt as though in was going through an 1850’s Walmart.
Our next stop was for food—not just any food—we had to experience TREX. OK, the kids really enjoyed it, but I wish they still had the RainForest. Anyway, we had a great day!

Sunday evening Jessica, Arlyn & Audrey decided to go for an evening swim. Still swimming as the Super Moon begins it’s journey across the night sky. It was a beautiful sight and the kids slept good Sunday night!

Hi folks, I meant to send this in a more timely manner, but didn’t get the job done until now. I’ve attached pictures of a few of my favorite art pieces from the Prix de West Show and Art Sale that took place at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum on June 13th. Each year the Museum invites app. 100 artists to participate in this nationally acclaimed show. This year over 300 paintings/sculptures were entered in the sale. Also, each year the Museum chooses a piece for the Prix de West Purchase Award which becomes a part of the permanent collection. This year’s winner is the woman wrapped in the blanket. The art remains on exhibit for approximately 2 months before it is removed and shipped to the buyers. In October we will have a combined sale featuring the TCAA (Traditional Cowboy Arts Association) and CAA (Cowboy Artists of America); two elite organizations with fewer than 30 members each. The CAA again does paintings/sculptures and the TCAA members do saddle making, silversmithing, braiding. If you need a $50,000 saddle, this is the place to buy it. Again, the pieces remain in place for a couple months after the sale. The Museum has 85,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space so I encourage “ya’ll” to come on down and take a look.

Naomi Miller Culbreath