Radium, Kansas

Sunday evening Jessica, Arlyn & Audrey decided to go for an evening swim. Still swimming as the Super Moon begins it’s journey across the night sky. It was a beautiful sight and the kids slept good Sunday night!

Hi folks, I meant to send this in a more timely manner, but didn’t get the job done until now. I’ve attached pictures of a few of my favorite art pieces from the Prix de West Show and Art Sale that took place at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum on June 13th. Each year the Museum invites app. 100 artists to participate in this nationally acclaimed show. This year over 300 paintings/sculptures were entered in the sale. Also, each year the Museum chooses a piece for the Prix de West Purchase Award which becomes a part of the permanent collection. This year’s winner is the woman wrapped in the blanket. The art remains on exhibit for approximately 2 months before it is removed and shipped to the buyers. In October we will have a combined sale featuring the TCAA (Traditional Cowboy Arts Association) and CAA (Cowboy Artists of America); two elite organizations with fewer than 30 members each. The CAA again does paintings/sculptures and the TCAA members do saddle making, silversmithing, braiding. If you need a $50,000 saddle, this is the place to buy it. Again, the pieces remain in place for a couple months after the sale. The Museum has 85,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space so I encourage “ya’ll” to come on down and take a look.

Naomi Miller Culbreath

Creepy crawlers on my Sunflowers. I’m told they are caterpillars. There are hundreds, if not thousands. Hope they are good butterflies.